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International Recognition

By definition, EBSC through its UEMS Cardiology Section connection, is one of the UEMS European Boards.

The European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) is an advisory body to the European Commission, and so is indirectly EBSC as well.

EBSC, through various studies and surveys, is working in close relationship with associations and working groups as well as national authorities.

Providing recommendations on training curricula, training structures and training institutions, EBSC has also international recognition as a central monitoring authority in cardiology.


National Cardiology Training

One of EBSC’s objectives is to formulate recommendations to national authorities and societies in order to harmonise standards in cardiology training at European level. Accordingly, EBSC is positioned as an advisory body for national authorities which effectively supervise training and training centres, and certify specialists.

In its effort to ensure the quality of training, EBSC regularly surveys national authorities in order to monitor implementation of recommendations but also in a constant effort to obtain as accurate a picture as possible on training in cardiology in Europe.

Results from these surveys are analysed and provide very valuable information on the national training and evaluation procedures.

For further information on EBSC's works and surveys on training structures throughout Europe click here.